4 Important Things in the Article for Success on Page Seo


Until now in my opinion the content is very important so that the SEO techniques that we apply can be optimized. Below I will describe 4 important things related to content for SEO our website or blog: unique content / articles On the internet there are millions of pages with almost the same content.

For example,

A web / blog that discusses SEO, whether SEO for Google , Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, is very much scattered on the Internet. So why does our website content have to be unique? yes later if it’s not unique or just copy paste makes search engine confused.

That’s why Google really doesn’t like websites or blogs whose content is the result of duplicate or copy paste. If you get caught by google, this duplicate website or blog will be penalized and put in a google sandbox. Although it’s not just copy and paste websites that can get into the Google Sandbox.

If we do have unique content, it will be quite easy to create our website with the results of posts and target keywords in this post will be shot in the top 10 of Google . Frequent website content updates Always update and add your website or blog with new articles on a regular basis.

The more frequent updates with unique and weighted content, the better for our website / blog. The more often we update the web / blog, the more frequently Google boot and other bots visit our website. Always try to add new content, not just add or edit existing content.

If you use WordPress CMS, the article posting process can be scheduled to be better, if you have a good mood a day, you can write 5 articles so if you want to get one article every day, you can get 5 days off. Font size of keywords In writing the article, of course you have prepared several keywords for implementing SEO on your website.

Now the font size of these keywords has an effect too. To indicate that a word with a larger font size is more important. For this font size I have never tried it, usually I only use Bold or strong in the keywords that I aim at. Format keywords The maximum keyword format is the format for writing keywords.

Format the font of keywords more precisely for example Bold, italic etc. The Bold format in these keywords is also to emphasize that word phrases with different thickness are more important. It is important for Search Engines to see different sizes and formats before indexing.

4 things above you can apply to the success of our website or blog so that it is more deemed appropriate by Google and other search engines to place their first page. Incoming search terms: thumbs up on the fan page example of blogger content article about hackers multiply blog members for only one day paper content

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