Indonesian Internet Marketing for the Advancement of Sme


Where do we want to bring Indonesia to our birthplace?

hehe, a lot of uneg-uneg that sometimes makes mental fall and emotional uphill … often we see TV shows that broadcast soap operas in the highest institutions of our country that makes me sometimes dizzy.

Actually they think about the people or not? Sorry if even vent, huh, hehe .. Indonesia is famous for a country that has abundant resources. But unfortunately our strategic wealth sources are even sold to other countries at low prices.

When will we become a truly rich country and be able to maximize the potential that exists in Indonesia’s nature and be managed as best as possible by our own people? Because of our love for the Indonesian homeland that we sell is also only land and water, even though the land and water that we sell is high-value gold in other countries. well …

Our nation currently needs the souls of entrepreneurs who love their people for their dignity and also the glory of the nation (pretentious idealists, wekekeke .. This is still a dream, if a lot of Indonesian internet marketing who care and want to unite for the progress of the nation maybe this nation will be even more advanced … although this is not easy, but actually it can !!!

If every Indonesian internet marketer takes at least 1 SME partner to work on, what will happen? God willing, we can go along with China. China is so advanced one of them from internet marketing.

SMEs in China are mostly internet literate. Amazon, click bank, Google is certainly a place that is very common as a pedestal to earn a fortune on the Internet. There have been many examples of successful Indonesian internet marketers who have succeeded and successfully marketed Amazon’s products.

If you sell products via Amazon, or become an affiliate marketer of Amazon, what you sell is products from outside people. Slowly I personally hope that Indonesian internet marketers will unite to take part in promoting SMEs in Indonesia.

How to do? there are many Indonesian SMEs who still don’t understand internet marketing. Though not a few SMEs have quality products and potential to be developed globally via the internet. Amazon’s online business, Google Adsense, Flippa etc. keep on going, but still take the time to at least help our SMEs.

So here I invite you to discuss / brainstorm what format it should be? If you are an internet marketer? or If you are a SME / producer who needs an internet marketing strategy? As an internet marketer, what do you think there are tools / forums as a place to promote SMEs in Indonesia?

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