The Internet Business From Blogs


When we do business on the internet have a website or blog, of course, want a blog or website we can make money. Both rupiah and dollars. There are many ways to monetize your blog or website. Depending on the beginning of building a blog or website what you want to do. Can be a PPC publisher, Affiliate, Flipping, Drop shipper, e-commerce, Selling E-books etc.

There are many local and overseas PPC Publishers that can be used to make money from your blog or website. Previously written I have written about 5 local ppc. Creating a blog is not difficult as long as we want to try and try.

Many tutorials are scattered on local and foreign blogs that discuss how to create a good blog. Many free blog hosting providers for you to use such as, word-press, blog seconds etc. But not all of these blog hosting providers allow for business use on the internet .

From yesterday I tried to learn amazon affiliates and flipping the website flip-pa , but haven’t made money yet, hehe still reads the tutorials and reads on forums, it hasn’t been action until now. If I read the reviews from the masters of Internet marketing who have been successful in managing the Internet business, it doesn’t seem difficult.

But I don’t know either because I haven’t practiced alone, hehe. Later, if I try I’ll share it here. Well, this is what I want to try to do: create a blog to be filled with Amazon product reviews, after a sale I want to sell on flip-pa. but see also earnings from the Amazon blog if it’s great you don’t need to sell the website.

This is just what you want … From reading the reviews about this Amazon Affiliate it seems like the easiest thing to do is: Amazon affiliate register Find the best seller products Keyword Analysis of best seller products Buy domain & hosting Install WordPress Create a product review article Place an Affiliate link SEO,

Search Engine Optimization

Convertion rate $$$$$$$

Now I want to do the 10 things above as well as to learn SEO optimization , for the elaboration of each item above tomorrow, yes, if it’s really run, hehe. I don’t know whether it works or not, so don’t copy it! If you already understand, please correct it, so I can quickly learn and correct mistakes.

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