The Digital Productivity Technology Course With Mobile Devices


The day-to-day professional 2.0: projects, tasks, meetings. A universe of actions that are carried out in the professional field around these activities, the work methodology that supports them, based on the efficient use of the tools and with a clear orientation to results.

That is productivity and in the digital environment it works Similarly. Currently, there are many advantages and reasons to include digital and mobile tools in this type of daily activities; Among them are these three great reasons:

1) Digital literacy of new professionals. It is essential to acquire the basic skills for real development and growth in the labor market and current society.

2) The productivity that is reflected in the use of the activities that the Internet now gives us (online information search, communication, e-mail, social networks, documents, blogs etc.) from any place or space, as long as There is connectivity.

3) Innovation in management and leadership practices.

Take advantage of the new possibilities of communication and monitoring offered by the network so that companies carry out better and more agile projects. As we can see, having habits developed with these advantages brings benefits in every aspect and what better, learn how to take advantage of them and make them part of our daily lives.

For that reason, in Technology offer you courses with modules specially focused on people and companies that wish to acquire these advantages with the benefits of the Internet and its digital tools. The courses are divided into three training modules for people and three training modules for companies. Each module is serialized and handle different objectives and activities.

The importance of dividing them into two profiles is because the purposes and goals as a person or company, in the digital field, do not go with the same direction and, therefore, cannot be with the same approach of digital exploitation.

Who is it for?

To any person (student, worker, housewife, professional, merchant, etc.), work groups or companies that wish to include this in their processes to make the most of their time and equipment , and thereby seek to obtain the benefits of a better use with productivity in personal and professional digital activities .


The aim general the course is to improve the digital productivity of those currently operate using digital activities , making the most profit from their mobile devices , strengthening the mobility and connectivity as the main advantage.


Participants will know, use and make the most of their mobile devices (smartphone / tablet). They will observe the opportunities provided by connectivity, portability and mobility to take advantage of any type of space or time to carry out their activities. They will locate and select the different applications that best suit their digital environments . They will analyze what are the things that limit the use of these digital tools and have them as a competitive advantage.

They will integrate useful tools with productive value to personal and professional daily procedures and habits . In the course you will find solutions focused on all these benefits as an economic, personal or group advantage .

What the modules include: In an integral way the modules contain work and learning schemes designed for each of the stages of digital training, all with technical and operational knowledge to apply them in a real and current way towards each specific need .

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