Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Service and Affordable Option is Not Enough


Dedicated Servers are a great way to save your business money and space, depending on how your organization is set up, but what if you need slightly more than just a dedicated server and are worried about possible downtown, you should consider an affordable web hosting dedicated server plan that includes managed services. Managed services take care of many of the worries of having your dedicated web server hosted off your premises.

You may have done it to save space, but even though it may be affordable web hosting, you will still need to install software and hardware upgrades from time to time. Managed services let the company hosting your dedicated server do this for you. Even better, if they screw it up, most likely they have some sort of guarantee you can fall back on and you do not need to pay extra overtime to your employees, or if things have gotten really bad to call in a specialist to fix your dedicated server.

Not only will they take care of all these things for you, if you do not want to take care of the task of doing administration by yourself, but managed services can also offer someone who will do network administration for you. Many companies offer managed services as part of an affordable web hosting package. Dedicated Server Options is one such company that offers both remote dedicated server services and managed services.

It is likely they will be able to come up with a package to meet your needs, or if you want to pick and choose, they have custom packages that let a user pay for only the options they plan on using. To get the full details, visit their website at or call them on the phone. Your website has started to grow beyond its hosting needs. You’ve had affordable web hosting, but now you need something more. You’ve looked into larger servers and more bandwidth and looked at your options carefully.

After weighing your options, you have decided that a dedicated server is the best choice to meet the needs of your business. You do not need to worry about set up because you are skilled enough and if not, your IT staff can most definitely handle any problems that arise, you’re glad that you decided on a dedicated server for the advantages it offers. The biggest advantage is that you can control access and run your own applications without worrying about strictures from the hosting company.

You also have root access for all the necessary scripts you need to run for your business. If you run RAM intensive applications, a dedicated server might be the best thing for your company to use. The added advantage is that if a dedicated server needs repairs or upgrades, these can be done in-house, saving the cost of repairs. (As long as you have a back up somewhere, there should be no problems with excessive downtime for a server outage.)

The dedicated web server also allows you to choose which operating system you want to run for your own purposes, whether it be Linux, Windows, or some other operating system like Solaris. Depending on the bandwidth needs of your business, a dedicated server might be the most affordable web hosting option. The bandwidth needs will depend on whether you are hosting your dedicated server on-site or hosting it remotely. If the former, you can decide for yourself the best options, and if the latter, the company that is hosting the dedicated server will have varying bandwidths available as well as data transfer rates.

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