Remember Your Day With Daily Log Software


Everyone experiences a plethora of emotions, events and actions everyday in life, as they pass through their daily routine, enduring the hardships life throws at them, and enjoying the rewards lie bestows upon them.

It might be pleasant and interesting for a person to make note of all these happenings of a day, so that after many years, when he looks back at them, a mere perusal, he’d feel an odd sense of exhilaration recollecting past events. Daily Log Software is the IT version of the diary, a log to make note of events.

Using the daily log software, one can record the events of daily routine, and store them permanently in an online database where it will remain for the annals of time. Let us now examine the features of a daily log software, called Daily Log 2.0.1. The Daily Log 2.0.1 software is a powerful tool for implementing a personal diary online.

The feature called Log Events allows a user to make a record of any event that he wants stored in his online journal. The software even allows the user to get information about the subject he needs by linking him to a powerful search engine. Another enterprising factor of the daily log software is its layout designer.

The daily log events can be entered into the journal in a variety of formats, including pdf, bmp, jpeg, etc. It also includes in-built templates for report designing, for recording the events of a day in a time-wise scheduled manner. The reminder feature of the daily log 2.0.1 is a useful tool that reminds the user of pending tasks, just by the click of a button called Overdue Reminder Button.

It also incorporates additional complementary features like sticky notes and scrap books for idle thoughts and quick notes. There is a feature which allows the user to store addresses, phone numbers and contact details online, so that he can access them from anywhere in the world, just by connecting to the Internet.

The software is very flexible, in the sense that it has independent accommodation for multiple users. Each user has his own log-in ID and password using which he can login to his account, and access his online journal.

The user can choose to make his journal private or public, so that he is free to decide whether to share his journal with others, or keep it as private. He can also choose to share his information with specific users to whom he can give access privileges.

A piece of information marked private cannot be viewed by any other user who accesses the online journal. The security feature of the daily log software is also appreciable with its complex encryption schemes. No other user can access the information of another user without knowing the appropriate ID and password.

Looking at the features of a daily log software, one can imagine the extent to which the IT boom has wormed its way into human life, being an efficient personal secretary to a person, storing his thoughts, experiences, reminders, information and everything else he wants to store. The daily log software, is indeed, a software worth relying upon, for every person.

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