The Office Tools in the Google Pack and Virus Scan Software


The Google Pack certainly offers many advantages, but you should still find out beforehand what software you are downloading there. Adobe Reader : The Adobe Reader has now established itself as the standard program for reading PDF files.

A good alternative is the Fox-it Reader program, which only requires 2 M bytes of memory and can open documents extremely quickly. However, only the PDF reader from Adobe offers special functions, such as online collaboration in real time, as well as a very high security standard:

Setting passwords is a really appropriate function for protecting private and business documents. Star Office : As a free office suite, Star Office is and remains the first choice: it is compatible with many file formats and offers all the important functions that the 600-euro Office suite from Microsoft also offers.

Google Desktop : “Search your computer as easily as the Internet” – Google uses this to advertise the search program “Google Desktop”. The program really offers many features that Windows’ own search does not have. The slogan “Search your computer as easily as the Internet” actually becomes reality.

On the whole, the Google Pack is a very good service from Google: you can install many programs at the same time, the download is very quick thanks to Google’s servers, and the software is relatively good – there are certainly better alternatives, however.

Free virus protection and spyware scanner

The Norton Security Scanner is a free and very powerful virus scanner. The problem with free virus scanners is usually the update: only very few free antivirus programs can be updated – the Norton Security Scanner from Symantec is one of the few if you download the program from the Google Pack, because this agreement only applies between Google and Symantec.

In addition, the scans of the hard disk can be set according to a schedule. In addition to the Norton Security Scanner, the Spyware Doctor can be used, which reliably detects and removes spyware, adware, Trojans and key-loggers. Also, this program can be updated and has a schedule function.

In addition to the normal scan, eight guards are integrated to monitor the registry and the system. These can all be activated and configured individually. If the Spyware Doctor detects anything suspicious, it sends a message to the Spyware Doctor network, which uses the information to create further updates.

This function can also be switched off on request. In general it can be said that the computer is very well protected against all internet threats by the Norton Security Scan and the Spyware Doctor. For free programs, both applications have a wide range of services and intuitive operation.

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