The Samsung’s First Solar-powered Mobile Phone


Let’s see a good introduction about the SUNNO U6: It is good that you can evaluate some of the mobile phones –and even its styles- you are interested because the more you know about a mobile phone –specifically those you want with WI-FI and touch screen- the more you will be able to take a better decision.

The SUNNO U6 is a gorgeous mobile phone with impressive and useful keywords that not only make you stay connected and well communicated but it is a very powerful tool for your day after day life. For only 219.00 USD you will acquire this incredible mobile phone with its rounded and pretty silhouette.

In the following lines I would like to describe some of the most relevant features so that you can have it in your hands to know more in-depth about this prevailing, useful and cost-effective mobile phone which comes with Talk Radar, GPS, WI-FI and EDGE support.

The best mobile features in your hands: The following are the most important features and characteristics that come with the SUNNO U6 cell phone. In order you can know everything you need to take a good decision, we are offering detailed information about the SUNNO U6 cell phone. -New shape and good-looking design:

The shape is very pretty and you will love this mobile phone because it is very nice and good looking. -Screen for a better visual experience: It has a very broad screen that make you read better and enjoy a lot from all your media and displays you have in your screen.

The technical specifications regards to the screen establish that the SUNNO U6 comes with 3.2 inch WQVGA screen for a grateful visual experience. -Gravity sensor: The gravity sensor is a very powerful feature and a great innovation from SUNNO. In fact, the SUNNO U6 comes with JAVA Support for downloading gravity games. -Navigation and connectivity:

You will navigate faster with this GPS feature and also you will stay connected through its amazing WI-FI functionality. -Performance: Thanks to its processor and memory capabilities this mobile phone work very nice. It has an internal memory of 128/256MB and it has a powerful Marvell 310 running to 624 MHZ.

Users of the SUNNO U6 says they feel very well and comfortable with the performance and they say everything runs very fast and without any kind of problems. -Operating system and software: The OS –Operating System- is very powerful because the SUNNO U6 is running with Windows 6.5 for a very stable performance and a enjoyable experience.

The operation of Microsoft’s applications is a great reality with the SUNNO U6 cell phone which help you to handle documents and files in several formats such as *.ppt, *.doc as well as *.xls. -Networking and connectivity:

I like a lot this is a Quadband mobile phone which is able to work perfectly with most of the networks and carriers around the world. -Multi-Language Support: SUNNO U6 support up to 18 languages. (English, French, German, Greek, Finnish, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese,Chinese)

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