Choosing Mobile for Senior Citizen and Waterproof Mobile


If you’re looking for cell phones for senior citizens or your beloved elderly relatives why not try getting them one of the large range of cell phones for senior citizens?

This will help you get in touch with them more frequently as well as give them lesser frustrations when it comes to operating a cell phone. Let’s face it. Our elderly have difficulties when it comes to using a cell phone so you will find that you can solve it by getting them one that is much simpler and easy to use.

Their needs are quite different from ours so you will find that getting the most updated and featured packed cell phone might not work. So check out the range of cell phones for senior citizens. They would prefer if you get something much simpler.

Most of the range of cell phones for senior citizens, have one or two features that will aid the elderly. but as yet I have not come across any cell phones for senior citizens that have all the features included on one phone. For example many senior citizens have failing eye sight. It would help a lot if you got them a phone that has a bigger screen and utilizes bigger fonts.

Also the phone with bigger labels on the key pad would work. You can also pick one that has big buttons that are widely spaced from each other. Larger and softer buttons will be easier to press especially when they are texting and making a call. You can also get one that produces loud and clear sounds.

Aside from failing eye sight they also have problems with hearing and you can solve that by getting a phone that gets rid of external noise or has a louder output. The simpler the phone the better and this could ring true in the case of your elderly’s phone. You will have to look for a phone that includes basic functions and one that is easy to operate.

You might want to minimize on all those high tech operations unless your elderly would want it. A very handy feature of cell phones for senior citizens will be the dedicated keys that make calling and texting easier as well as the one that can serve as an emergency button should anything occur to them.

The latest technology in mobile handsets is the waterproof mobile phones. These Waterproof phones are twice as tough and are more rugged than ones regular phone. They are also shock and dust resistant. Most of these handsets are screwed at the back, so that it is very well sealed, and water will not be able to ruin the handset.

Waterproof mobile phones are phones that are resistant to a few splashes of water and can even be submerged into the water for up to 1 meter for half an hour and still can work efficiently. Some phones have leak-proof design and durable materials that come in different colors to suit ones need.

There is now a wide range of very different designs and models. Waterproof mobile phones are suitable for people who have an outdoor personality and for those who do extreme sports. They give a kind of peace of mind to the user knowing that their phones are reliable.

There will be some instances that the phone will be dropped in the water or a sudden turn of the weather. With this type of phone, all of the important contacts and notes will still be saved. A person can be relieved that everything is all well and protected with the waterproof mobile phones.

Waterproof mobile phones are also ideal for people who work on construction sites and are exposed to harsh elements. A person will know if a waterproof mobile phone is reliable if it has the IP (internal protection) certification. How deep and how long it can be submerged under the water varies depending on what model the handset is.

Waterproof mobile phones may not be as advanced as Smartphone’s, but as` the name implies, its main objective is to protect the internal workings from water and dust. One would not find special features that you can find on a Smartphone. Although some waterproof mobile phones have a camera, Bluetooth and mobile internet.

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