The Start an Online Business Easily


Online business or business on the Internet at this time is quite rapid progress in Indonesia. There are many types of online businesses that you can run, if you want. There are also blogs, eBooks and other media that share information about online businesses, both free and paid. If based on the shape of the product sales there are 2 types, namely:

1. Virtual / digital products This virtual or digital product can be in the form of e-books, tutorials, membership programs, affiliates, mlm, PPC etc. Online business by selling virtual form products is pretty much done by most internet marketers both in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.

2. Real / physical products Online business models that sell tangible or physical products, there are tons of physical products that you can sell through the Internet. Starting from clothing, herbal medicine, poultry supplements, household products, property, etc.

Now you can choose what online business is right for you to run. Of the many online business ideas, you can choose one for you to run. If you are still confused about what online business model and also selling products, below are tips on how to determine an online business idea for you to run:

1. Write all the online business ideas that are in your head

2. Filter into at least 5 online businesses

3. Combine, add, subtract online business from filtering results no. 2 4. Determine the online business idea results from number 3 After you get an online business idea then run as soon as possible. Now if you are still confused how to start, do you have to create a website, or sell via social media or what?

Actually there are a lot of media that can be used to do business online, from free to expensive. Social media can be an alternative when you have not been able to create a blog / website, bloggers can be a solution when you have not been able to buy a domain and hosting.

Or if you are active in forums like Kaskus, it can already be your initial capital to do business online. it’s easy? Now for the stages of starting, below I will describe the stages of starting an online business the easy way:

1. Determine what online business you will run To determine what online business ideas, above I have described how. stay online business what you choose to run first.

2. Find a production partner For online businesses selling physical products, of course you need a partner as a manufacturer of products that you will sell on the internet. But if you are a producer, of course this is not a problem.

3. Look for internet marketing partners This is important for the success of an online business that you run, you can hire people who are experienced for this, but you can also learn on your own. all depends on you.

4. Make a home business online The online business house that I use here is a website or blog. web or blog in my opinion is very important there, you can pay for a web / blog creation service provider. if you can make yourself better. Don’t forget SEO must be taken into account when creating a website or blog.

5. Promotion Like an offline business, an online business also needs promotion so that the products we sell on the market. There are many media that can be used to promote our products, social media like Facebook, Twitter etc., online forums, famous blogs, SEO & SEM, PPC etc.

6. Post sales Post-sale is quite important, for example in choosing expeditionary services if selling physical products. warranty if there is, training if the product service, etc., depending on what online business you run.

7. Success selling well, abundant profits, alms do not forget. Above 7 stages of an easy way to start an online business that you can run either as a side or your main business. There is a large income potential if you are serious and taken seriously.

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