From Now on Too Online Marketing


Sometimes starting is something that is not easy, but if we do not start quickly then we will continue to lag. Start as fast as possible and fail as fast as possible, so that we can learn from everything we get when we start, be it success or failure.

Now if you already have an idea, both online and offline businesses, start doing it right now. Having lots of ideas without daring to start / action will not produce anything, but if you have 1 idea and start the action one idea earlier there is a possibility you will succeed. You can apply this in all fields.

Online business is indeed now very widespread in Indonesia, a large market and continues to grow into an opportunity that must be utilized before we lag behind because it does not immediately start action. There are lots of online business ideas around us that can be created. Dare to start is already a capital that can lead you to success, so don’t be afraid to start.

Never think “what if then” before you actually get started. There are so many possibilities that can happen, from this many possibilities we can also learn a lot. Learning from what we started, learning from experience will be more meaningful than studying in the classroom.

Many examples of successful online business people, if you want to start a business on the internet. Indonesia is ready to shop online, although not all categories of product buyers are ready. But if you are keen to see online market opportunities, you will be able to see what products sell well in the Indonesian online market.

But you can also aim at a global market, which of course the market is wider. There are many potential wealth of Indonesia that you can sell abroad. crafts, furniture, agribusiness etc. no need to bother taking care of production and others, focus on internet marketing first.

Why internet marketing? low cost, does not have to have a lot of stock, can be started anytime and from anywhere, not bound by time and space. Indonesia’s local market also continues to grow, taking advantage of potential domestic market niches depends on your persistence and also what business you run.

Many local startups are successful with the ideas they started, for example Koprol was acquired by Yahoo and several other local startups that were successfully acquired by global companies. But the acquisition is not the final path to the success of the start up that we have built, it depends on you.

From now on too online marketing or regret later !!

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